What Is TheatriCast?

TheatriCast promotes and produces live virtual events across arts & entertainment, social causes & conversations, and business & entrepreneurialism that encourage imagination, ideas, and impact. Led by an experienced team of distributors, marketers, tech specialists, and event producers, TheatriCast helps the best events reach the widest possible audience.

How do I add my virtual event to TheatriCast?

Please complete the Contact form and our producing team will be in touch within 48-hours.

Does TheatriCast charge to add content?

No. While content-partners have options to promote through on the TheatriCast platform and in our communications, such as social and email, there is no cost to be listed on the platform.

Are you able to help me produce my next live event?

Yes. Our experienced team of livestream producers, developers, distributors, and marketers — as well as our own “plug-and-play” proprietary TheatriCast platform — are ready to help you create your next live event to reach the widest possible audience.